Terms of service

Rules This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the service on electronic currency sale provided by fikbox.com LTD legal entity (), , doing business as the fikbox.com marketplace. Using the services of the fikbox.com marketplace means the full acceptance of this Agreement by the User. In case of disagreement with the Agreement, the User shall not perform any transactions. 1. Definition of Terms and Conditions The fikbox.com marketplace is a partially automated system “fikbox.com” located on the Internet at https://fikbox.com The Customer means a private or legal person willing to use the service provided by the fikbox.com marketplace who has agreed to all provisions stipulated in this Agreement. Payment units mean accounting units of the corresponding Payment systems determining a specified scope of rights of claim or some other rights arising from the agreement executed by the Payment systems and their customers. Recipient Account Details mean number, wallet, email or any other indication of Customer account in the Payment system which is stated in the Customer Order for the alpabd.com marketplace to send the Payment units. Order means (i) purchase by Customer of Digital Currency from fikbox.com through this site; or (ii) sale by Customer of Digital Currency to fikbox.com through this site, in all cases subject to the terms of this Agreement, the fikbox.com anti-money laundering program and disclosure as to the specific terms of the Order as indicated on this site. Each Order is a two-party transaction involving only fikbox.com and Customer and no other party. Orders are not conditional on any other transaction.